About the Mac Guy

Paul Vaughn - The Mac GuyPaul Vaughn is a freelance writer, graphic artist, web designer and Mac consultant. He has been working with computers since the mid-1980s and Macs since 1990. His first Mac was a Mac IIsi (20Mhz 68030 processor with 5MB RAM and a 100MB hard drive). He has been writing the Mac Guy column since April 2001. Paul is wickedly competent in many applications besides just the Mac OS including iTunes, iPhoto, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver, Flash, Freehand (you will be sorely missed), Illustrator, InDesign and plenty of others that are too numerous to even consider. Aside from Adobe Photoshop, his favorite graphics program is Kid Pix. You can see more of Paul Vaughn's work on his Dingus Design site. Paul also blogs at Missions Unknown. His old Graphics Guy columns are online as well. Write Paul with any Mac-related questions at paulv@mac.com. He tries to answer as many of the inquiries as possible. You can ask, but he rarely does Windows.