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Hey Mac Guy: Lipitor For Sale, I'm fairly positive you get this question daily but unfortunately I don't get your articles daily (I get a stack here in Italy every six weeks or so from Mom!).

I'm still running my eMac with version 10.2.6 and in the last year I've fallen into the trap of waiting for what's around the bend (basically Leopold) before I get a new computer, Lipitor steet value. Rx free Lipitor, As Murphy's Law would have it, a new project to do in September just came up where this old eMac is going to make my life rather difficult though not totally impossible, online buy Lipitor without a prescription. Fast shipping Lipitor, Do I order my new Mac now and deal with getting Leopold later for more money or wait until some vague date in October comes and get the whole kit then.

-- A Fan From Afar

Hey Fan: My advice is that if you need the Mac now, Lipitor price, coupon, Lipitor pharmacy, go ahead and buy it now. Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger is a very mature operating system that you will like a lot more than OS X 10.2, Lipitor For Sale. There have been lots of great features added in Panther and Tiger like Spotlight, generic Lipitor, Lipitor dose, Dashboard, better application switching, Lipitor pictures, Lipitor trusted pharmacy reviews, Finder labels, fast user switching, Lipitor blogs, Lipitor from canadian pharmacy, better printing, Automator, low dose Lipitor, Buy Lipitor from canada, file system journaling and so much more that it would take me way too long to list them all.

You will allegedly be able to purchase Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard sometime in October, effects of Lipitor. Buy cheap Lipitor no rx, From the developer builds that have been released so far, this timetable looks accurate, Lipitor reviews. Lipitor images, Mac OS X releases to date have cost $129 and are fairly easy to install. Lipitor For Sale, If you get a new Mac now for your upcoming project, you can wait several months before buying and installing Leopard. Many users like to allow others to work out all the bugs before they make the jump to the latest technology, Lipitor dangers. Purchase Lipitor online, Note that the versions of the Mac OS are nicknamed after big cats since the operating system is so fast and powerful, not named after conductors popularized by old Warner Brothers cartoons, purchase Lipitor. Herbal Lipitor, Hey Mac Guy: My iPod is plays back almost all of my music with scratchy feedback or just plain old distortion of the music. On the computer the music plays back fine, order Lipitor online c.o.d. Help, Lipitor For Sale. Where can i buy Lipitor online,

-- Scratchy in Hot Town

Hey Scratchy: Try a different pair of headphones or connecting another iPod to your headphones to try and isolate the problem. This sort of issue is most likely caused by a bad connection to your headphones or car stereo than the iPod itself, australia, uk, us, usa. Lipitor no rx, If that’s the case, head over to your nearest electronics store for some new earbuds, doses Lipitor work, Buy Lipitor no prescription, bud.

Hey Mac Guy: I need to move some files from a quite old Radius 81/110 to a PC - mostly Photoshop work, Lipitor steet value. Lipitor For Sale, I do have a good home network capability, but the Radius is not equipped with an RJ-45 jack. Lipitor without prescription, The HD is an IDE device - can I take it out and access it with a PC.

-- Radius in Isolation

Hey Radius: Your situation points up why you should migrate these sorts of files fairly soon after you stop using your old computer, rx free Lipitor. Lipitor coupon, Your Radius Mac clone was discontinued in 1996...nearly an eternity ago in computer years. This computer comes from a time long ago, buy Lipitor online no prescription, Ordering Lipitor online, before niceties like USB and CD’s so old, it even has a floppy drive, purchase Lipitor online. And as you have already noticed, Macs of this vintage did not even come with an RJ-45 port for 10base-T Ethernet, Lipitor For Sale.

The Radius does have an Ethernet port, but it is an AAUI (Apple Attachment Unit Interface) port and it requires an AAUI transceiver. These are still available if you know where to look. Go to the We Love Macs Web site ( and search for AAUI and you will find models made by Asante and Farallon starting at about $20. With an AAUI you could connect the 81/110 to your network and then transfer the files to another Mac or Windows PC. Lipitor For Sale, You can remove the IDE hard drive and drop it into a USB enclosure. The drive is, however, Mac-formatted. While Macs have been able to read PC-formatted disks for a long time now, Windows-based computers cannot read Mac disks without additional software. You will need something like MacDrive from MediaFour ( or TransMac from Acute Systems ( to access the contents of the drive. You can find a comprehensive list of programs that will help with this Windows deficit on the MacWindows Web site (

Your other options involve using your removable media, Lipitor For Sale. The first choice is to dig up an external SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) CD burner and write your files to disc and then pony them to another computer. If you decide to buy a CD writer for this task, make sure it is compatible with the operating system on the Radius, I believe that machine shipped with the old Mac System 7.5, although you may have upgraded it.
The Radius clone will support up to Mac OS 9.

Likewise you could do the same with floppies...although with the typical Photoshop files you would need to use something like Stuffit ( to span the files over multiple disks. Lipitor For Sale, And then, of course, you would need to purchase a USB floppy drive to put the files on any 21st century Mac. If you have a PC with a floppy drive (they still make those I think), the Radius should be able to write files to PC-formatted floppies, making things easier.

User Group Note: The MacApple Users of San Antonio will be meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday September 13th at the Colonies House — 3511 Colony Drive. Check the group’s Web site for details ( Hope to see you there.

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